Monday, June 11, 2007

Ive got soo many things to write, but my time as for now is limited.

The school holidays have been alrite and well organised so far, except for the usual bickerings fm the kiddos...well, wat's new ?

The kids had fun and enjoyed their sholat workshop classes the other day.

Last Wed, after fetching kids fm their classes, i managed to drive to airport, just in time to send off my good friend and her family (her Chinese convert hubby and 2 kids aged 11 & 9 yo) to perform thier Umrah.
It's the first for her hubby and the kids.
Im so happy for them and pray that things will go well.

On the other note, im glad that Sis KN came to join my class, last Saturday...Alhamdullilah.
Im really pleased that she managed to muster her first step to seek knowledge.
Im pleased too, that she cleared her doubts by asking those questions.

" A journey of a thousand miles, start with a step"

I cant wait for Friday.!

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