Thursday, June 21, 2007

So we are back fm short getaway.

I wouldnt want to consider it as holidays, cos, we visit the place like every 6mths.
We stayed in the same place...we did almost the same things..and hubby is in btwn work and accompanying us. But it was indeed a good breather for me and the kids, at least.

Back home..
Life is just the usual stuff.
School will open in just a few days more.
Mixture of feelings.

Well, I notice, i can only write proper when im all alone w/o distractions.
My inspirations died instantly when the bickering background was heard.
Wonder why kids fight all the time......... *sigh*

It's either they irritate each other or they irritate me !

Hmmmph !!


Mrs Beki said...

As long as it's out of S'pore, kita holiday lah tu.... :)

mummy jam said...

betuk kata si beki tu......
nanti dah senyap sunyi with the kids in school, you miss the bisingness pulak...ada ke such word kekekeke