Monday, September 17, 2007

Alhamdullilah, we've come to almost a week of Ramadan.

Ive been having iftar at my mom's place since the very first day of Ramadan till y'day. Today, onwards , it will not be the case, ive to start cracking my brain of wat to prepare for iftar. Well, probably i'll be back there again tis Friday ..spilling over till the weekends..hehe

My kids really enjoyed iftar with their nenek & atuk , plus , since my sis,her hubby and her little newborn are staying there for the moment , it makes the whole iftar much more meriah.
It will never be a dull moment when your loved ones surround you, the experience is specially priceless.
Things at home has been slightly improved. I dare not say out loud as yet.

This early morning (before subh) , i offered a special prayer and made special doa/shalawat. I asked ALLAH for a tiny request . Later, i woke the kids up , they took their bath , prepared themselves , we kissed and hugged and off they went to school.

I sighed the sigh of relieved. ALLAH has granted my tiny request. Thank you ALLAH.


Anonymous said...

Salam Sis Nor,

wahhhh i am not surprised why your kids enjoyed the iftars over at your parents` place. even me, at this age, feels that whenever my grandparents are over at my house, it seems so much livelier; somewhat special. guess grandparents have this certain "aura" or something.

reading your entry makes me wanna organize an iftar session with my cousins!

may Allah keep us close to Him always ameen.


nor said...


i believe the bond btwn grandparents and thier grandchildren is so so sacred, eh.