Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Im so done with these books. Very fascinatingly enriching , i must say.

An equally riveting stories abt the Princess of Saudi Arabia, named Sultana. Her families and clans from the Royalty status. Their abundance of wealth , their priviliges and an overly extravagant luxurious lifestyles . The women's plight,( usually the 2nd class citizens)...their agonies, plights and sorrows. Violators of freedom & oppressions of their women..of how their men are the roots of female grieves.

Contradictions in the teaching of the Quran and cultural interpretations of the Saudi men towards their women.

These books definitely give more than the in- sight of The Royalty lives. An eye-opener , than just a piece of veiled that cover their women's faces.

Im slightly late for this one, thou. As much as i enjoyed the author's Kite Runner , im just half way thru this one.


Noor Ain Mas'id said...

the book sounds gd..
ain ni da lama tk baca buku english..hehehe

nor said...

reading just keep me occupied..hehe