Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alrite, this is wat's going to happen at my home tonite.
We , anak beranak , will be having photo shoot.

An editor/journalist/reporter or whoever she is fm the local newspaper, Berita Harian, called my hubby y'day to make this arrangement. What is this for ?

Well, she and her team are going to write an article abt FaithHub .
How it originates , thier missions and wat nots. Since my hubby is the Head of FaithHub, and since he is a convert ...they are very much interested to know more abt how he went tru all the "impossible" that beccome "possible" ........... :P

I really dunno wat to expect when they come later tonite...or shld i just concentrate on wat i shld wear for the shoot !? :)


The photographer came as scheduled (8pm). By then we were all ready and dressed up..errr proper. It was just a few minutes kinda thingy. He took few shots of us, few poses and positions , from there ,he'll pick either one or two to put in the the newspaper articles.
He's not too sure when the articles will be published, but i reckon from the Ms Editor who spoke to my hubby few days ago, she wanted to do it like immediate.
Likely , it will be published by this week if not the following week.

Hope they got all infos and details correct..........hmmmm


rheA said...

oooo...bestnya..I'll be waiting for the article..bila keluar please sms me ok? so that i can read abt it!

nor said...


sure will let u know ;)

Ummi's BLOG said...

sista Nor,
pls sms me too k, so i can buy the paper.. : )

nor said...

Ok, sure ;)

zammy yammy said...

weee...i'll keep a lookout. :D

mummy jam said...

I don't buy malay newspaper, let me know which date eh, nanti I go and buy the paper.

nor said...


ironically, i dont buy Malay paper too..hehehe