Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The house is so in a berserak state right now. I dont know why , but im soooo not in the mood to clean up.

I feel so tired mentally. Im not in the mood for Eid , well... probably not yet. I used to get excited whenever i hear Hari Raya songs playing on the radio, but somehow, it's not so much the case anymore.
I havent got anythings for the kids and for myself...except one baju kurung, that my mom sewed for me.

I dont deny the fact that i love the spirit of siratulrahhim amongst the family, when they come to visit or vice versa. The sinful food galore and stuff alike, which u can never find during other just simply fabulous!

Well, we've come to almost the end to Ramadan. Im not sure if i have done enuf this year. Inside me, i feel so sad that Ramadan will be leaving us , soon. There's so many hidden blessings during this beautiful month. The last 10 days of Ramadan is coming...most of us knows the virtures behind The Night of Power. My hubby and just few of his good friends, have made plans to do Qiamullail (in a mosque) this weekend...insya allah.

Im planning to stay up during these odd nites (as much as i possibly can) . I know it's gonna be challenging...but i with ALLAH's help nothing is impossble !

There's so much things i want to ask ALLAH.
Sometimes, i feel ashamed of myself , but i know ALLAH is the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful.

I dont want to "waste" the little time that HE has given me , during this holy month, cos, there's no guarantee that we'll be able to meet the next Ramadan . Infact, we dont even know if we are able to meet Syawal .

Ramadan is like a treasure chest, with so many beautiful things inside for those who is willing to look for it !

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