Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Eid celebrations, visitings and cousins, families coming over , have been great so far. :)

Everyone... has been on a cheerful mood with lots of laughters , conversations ...and catching up on each other. Ive been feasting myself with ketupats, lontong , briyani, rendang, sambal goreng , ayam masak merah and stuff that expand my waistline *burrppss* , so, on Monday, i decided to fast...!
Then, on Tuesday, i decided to eat , cos, i know there'll be sinfully spread at kak Hana's place...and i didnt want to miss that .... hehehee.
Today, is the 2nd day of my trying to complete the 6 days sunnah fasting,.. and, i reckon i have to give way to the upcoming weekends, cos, im soooo going visiting.

I have another lightbulb moment with R, y'day. I feel wonderful each time i talked to her.
She gave me that Wham ! and make me realised things that ive never thot i am guilty of.
I began to see things that i have been neglecting all these while.
Acknowledgement is important , a pat on the shoulder at least...make someone feel good.

It's still a long road ahead, but like the saying goes .........

A journey of a thousand miles , starts with a first step.

PS: Yes! my house is still in HariRaya condition.

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