Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last nite, since hubby is around to have iftar with us at home, i stormed my kitchen by cooking rice with black pepper prawns, kailan w oyster sauce, tempura prawns , mee hoon and jemput2 pisang . We had sparkling grape juice and some fruits for desserts.

My hubby seemed to be enjoying the food...(since, it's hardly for him to be around joining us for iftar due to work).
Each and everytime i see my complete family members sitting on the dining table, i feel so blessed.

Well, it's just a day left and then Ramadan is leaving us. :(
It's been challenging but somehow, im beginning to see some lights.
I wont speak too soon thou, but I BELIEVE it's coming.

We plan to hv iftar at the mosque tmrw, do our prayers and welcome the Takbir , but still uncertain yet, cos, hubby might have to attend some function.

I have this sebak feeling everytime, i hear the Takbir, especially during the eve . I get very emotional and tears will just flow down my cheeks. A lot of things playing in my mind, i'll miss Ramadan, i miss those who have left us , and there's so many wat if's..................

Oh! ALLAH please grant me, to meet the next Ramadan.

The next emotional part, will be the seek forgiveness...especially to my parents. I can see my mom, is getting old and weak , but she has the strength/energy that i dont think i have.
My dad is a great person...eventhou, we did not express our feelings of love (which we obviously dont practise) , like i always do to my kids and vice versa, i'll always heart my parents till the end of time!

This year Eid, is just like the last....very simple affairs for us. I bought just couple of new clothings for the kids and some we just recycled. Kids, getting excited...cos, after tmrw they can eat all their heart out...hehee kids will always be kids.
Y'day they helped to put in the duit raya in the sampul. I know they cant wait for their duit collections... heheh. I was just like them too, when i was a kid...but i guess , kids nowadays are much more privilige in many ways.

Lastly, i would like to wish every one & Muslims around the world...

Eid Mubarrak.
May ALLAH give you peace
Have a Blessed Eid.

Ku susun sepuluh jari, Mohon ampun dan maaf jika ada salah dan silap.

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