Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yikes ! i oversleept this morning. I woke up only to realise that it's 0530hrs !!!
My alarm did not work. Or probably i forgot to set the time last nite. !!

ni sumer gara2 the last episode of Hikmah !

This is wat happend when mom did not wake up the whole family did not not have their sahur .

Kids left school without eating sahur and i hope they are able to focus on their exams tis morning.
Its only a couple of days, since i try to practise the act of being positive. So far it has been working................ i spoke my son's tutor y'day and relate to her some of my concern. I told her abt positive vibes , positive thinking and positive energy...she kinda agreed with the flow of positivity and law of attraction.

After speaking with R & S the other day, i realised that i have lots of negative baggage in me. This is really no good ! I shld be changing my inner thots fm now on. Its really hard , but as the saying goes, practise makes perfect . No pain no gain. All i need to do is to BELIEVE that i CAN do it !

To BELIEVE in yourself is very important. S , is a good aspiration for me. After getting to know her just recently and talking to her, i have to say that she's a strong lady. Her hubby passed away last April and she is left alone with 4 children on her own. I admire her courage, her determination to stay focus on wat she is left now and she got great learning spirit.

R , on the other hand is such a motivator with a bubbly personality. She gave me that lightbulb moment. Slowly i began to peel my weaknesses. I am filled with guilts but situation somehow made me do things that im not suppose to. I have to wake up from now on. I need that kind of morale booster. I BELIEVE everything happend for a reason, and I BELIEVE i can change it !

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