Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ive been thinking kinda seriously that i shld take up some kinda skills...but ive no idea wat exactly im interested in.
I hate thread and needles since skool time..and i remember during one of my HomeEconomics lessons , i had to sew a wrap skirt, so i got my mom to help... ended she sewed everything for me. The skirt was then selected for an exhibition during one of my skool event. This is sooooo lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

I cant think of anything else other than sewing, cos that's the closest. My mom sews well. She used to do tailoring of baju kurung for others , but few years back, she stopped doing so,due to health and now she only sews for herself , my sis , me and of cos, my daughter. My mom is so much creative compared to myself. Maybe im just plain lazy...

I havent tell my mom abt my "great idea" yet.... i shall wait till she comes back from Brunei.
It's the best time to learn i suppose,bcos, kids will be on holidays (no need to rush for time) and my mom can be my great teacher...the place can just be at my mom's....how wonderfully convienient if i get this idea fulfilled. Hmmmmm, we shall see.


zammy yammy said...

i want to learn sewing from my mum too. tried once and gave up. the semangat to learn came back months back but died again. heh.

nor said...

alamak sis, u give me that idea! hehehehehe