Monday, October 29, 2007

That's a wrapped !

Y'day was the last HariRaya visiting for us.
If not bcos of my cousin's open house y'day, we are soooo done with the visiting since last week.
So, we left her place around 5pm and i send my parents home.
The kids wanted to hang out at my mom's place for awhile , so hubby and me went home to change , freshened up a little bit and rest before i get my hubby to fetch the kids back after maghrib.

Then, i r'cd phone call from my father's clan. They wanted to come to my place. Yes! the came in clans.... abt almost 20 of them. ! It's amazing to see how thier kids have grown to teens and don in nice kebayas and baju kurung complete with accessories and little colours on their faces...all so sweeet (for the girls of cos). It's only last year i saw them and now they've grown taller and bigger in size than me (for the boys)....and how i notice i didnt even grow all these years ! :P

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