Friday, October 26, 2007

It's right after subh...i looked out at my window and inhaled the crispy fresh air.
From outside my window i could see beautiful formations of clouds with moon lit to complete the beauty of nature.

Friday, its the finale ! Like finally.!
The last exam paper for my son and with HIS permission, by end of the day , i shall complete my 6 days sunnah fasting and that also means ive completed my kadha' for this year too. Yayyy!

Will be heading to Geylang with my mom and sis later, as my mom needs to get some stuff that she wants to bring to Brunei.

Friends are coming over in the upcoming week. They are bunch of crazy makcikquarters with their crazy and kecohrable attitude. Cant wait !

And Yes! i managed to borrow two books from the library y'day. That make it looks like a complete week!

** cheers **

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