Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, sounded better.

Today, tmmrw and the day after, im still unsure.
I BELIEVE , it's gonna be good. YES!

I need to go down to the library..... kinda badly.
Im running out of reading materials.
I need to read to gain back my sanity.

The house is still in tip-top condition. Yayyy!

If not becos of this coming Saturday and Sunday ( Hari Raya open house), i reckon, im done with the visitings.

On other note, my mom is going Brunei in early November and my sis maternity leave is over by end of this that means, i have to be a temporary babysitter to my almost 3mth old newphew, Satria Riza Maulana. He's so yummy gummy to cuddle and soooo gerammmmm to kissy and play with. The kids getting all excited to help out in babysitting.
Ahhhh, i just love the smell of sweet and sour kinda thing.

Did i hear the words marukku ?? Yikes ! Deepavali is coming.............another set of preparations!

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