Thursday, November 27, 2008

I had a chance to visit some friends who are leaving for Hajj .

It was an unplanned morning to visit sis F at her home. She is a friend of sis N (a friend of mine) , but ive met her a couple of times, just casually , during a couple of FaithHub events. Sis N and myself were warmly welcomed to her beautiful home. It was her first time visiting the Holy Land with her hubby and an aunt. I thot to myself , " What a blessing! " Well, Sis F had different thots , a mixture of feelings and wonders if she is worthy of making the sacred voyage...

Sis N and me were invited to Sis R and Sis H home last Sunday. Sis R and Sis H are sisters...we know them in the mosque where we attend the dhuha class every Wednesday morning.
Looking at the address given, i reckon, the house is on a private ground. True enuf, i parked my car right outside a huge house as stated in the card. There's already families and thier friends eating under the white tentage . As we both entered the gate , we were greeted warmly by a sweet young lady. Then, we saw sis R and sis H....both were delighted to see us. Food spread were glorious.

Sis N and me, sat next to the koi pond with sis R . As we spoke , she told us that the house they lived in, was since 1959 . It used to be a kampung...later part of the years, the family decided to rebuild the home . Just next to their house , which is just separated by a piece if concrete wall , belongs to their another sister . We were then introduced to sis H 3 lovely daughters. All very smart and sweet...all 3 of them are going for Hajj too. Wats unique is, they are also bringing their special sister along..."adik istimewa" as per sis R..Masya allah!

Sis R , is a retired cikgu and unmarried, staying together with sis H (and her family). This is going to be her 3rd to perform the Hajj....and what blessing she said, tis time all her expenses and her "adik istimewa" was fully sponsored by sis H husband...Subhanallah. From my short given opportunity of meeting the two sisters and thier family, i could really feel sense of love, the care and the bond they had for each other. What impressed me most, despite the material things that they have, there is no air of arrogance but a jus plain down to earth of humbleness in them.

Today, im visiting a good friend (u know who u are) also leaving for Hajj. With millions fm around the world visiting the Holy house of Ka'abah...embarking on this noble and virtous journey, i pray for their safety and may their deeds and amal be accepted by Allah swt. Amin.

The future is still unknown, but sis N told me , both her hubby and herself has already registered themselves for the Hajj , next year..insya allah.

When will i be given the invitation ? HE is the All-Knowing and Merciful. Amin.

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