Friday, April 24, 2009

I received so many text messages of warm wishes fm my loved ones..families and friends.
Im feeling blessed to have them around me .

My hubby ,who is in Sydney now...send me text messages right after subh and the best part is receiving hugs and kisses fm my two kids.

I watered my plants this morning and told them it's my birthday today..haha

I shall not make any birthday speech,hopes or wishes here, cos, ive already did ....silently, privately and personally ........... to HIM .

Happy Birthday to ME !


Anonymous said...

Eid Milaad! Happy Birthday kak!! :)


mummy jam said...

Happy birthday Nor!

Solace In Islam said...

Happy B'day to you!

Lady Muslima said...

Happy Birthday Sis,

I came across your blog & loving your posts :)

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Ummi's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Sis, May Allah bless you always. Amiin.

nor said...

Thank you all for the wishes... :)