Friday, September 18, 2009

As much as the preparations for Eid is concern , i have always done it moderately.
No fancy curtains or new sofa set to boast.
It's just simple. Neat . Clean .

Im a little dissappointed, for not be able to complete my Quran reading for Ramadhan.
Im still far behind...... this morning, i managed to read only half of Surah Hajj .....reading still in process ........Insya allah.

Last nite, i went teraweeh with hubby , minus the kids, as they have school work to complete.
The teraweeh ended earlier than usual, cos ,the Imam read shorter surahs , as compared to those earlier teraweeh. The ladies were decreasing in numbers , only 3 safs. Amongst those who were there , i saw a lady , she was kinda "struggling" to pray ...... i wondered why, then i realised, she has only one complete leg...... the other was amputated. Masya allah.

Today , till the morning of Eid , we plan to go the mosque, tis time, the kids will tag along.
Plan to have iftar at the mosque on the eve .... pray and join the takbir. Insya allah.
Takbir = Emotional . :(

Let's pause a little of our time ......

as much as we are welcoming Syawal , let's not forget that Ramadhan is bidding us farewell soon.
We are not sure if we'll ever meet Ramadhan again.........
There's a few things that happend during Ramadhan ........ but i managed to do what i shld. Alhamdulillah.

Syawal tis year, will not be the same like the previous years for my family , especially my parents ........ my mom in particular .

May Allah strengthen our Iman and Taqwa and lead us to the Right path. Ameen.

PS: I would like to take tis opportunity to seek forgiveness, if in any
event that i have hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally in my writing or in words.

May Allah forgive us. ameen

Eid Mubarrak to everyone !


Anonymous said...

Salaams sis, tersentak juga, realised eid is coming, have not done anything except for 2 bottles of kueh bought. Like you i'm sad ramadan is leaving us soon. Last night went to Ba Alwie to prayed, its full house sampai terkeluar masjid. Prayed beside this elderly lady who had great difficulty in doing the taheeyat akhir but she's determined to do it, see her everytime i was there, put us 'young' people to shame....really. Eid Mubarak to you and family. Mas

nor said...

salaam to u,

time flies...

yes, i can relate rgds to the elderly lady thingy, even in my dhuha classes there're as old as
70+ elderly ladies, who take buses to the mosque, walked step by step with a hunch..and yet determined to make time seeking knowledge. me, having a car , also sometimes lazy to move.. *terok ah*

mina said...

salam sis. wishing u a eid mubarak.

nor said...


w'sallam to u. Eid Mubarrak.