Tuesday, September 29, 2009

As the saying goes , Health is Wealth.

As a parent volunteer in my daughter's school , im given the "benefit" of having health screening provided by the school. It is actually meant for thier staff/teachers for Free but parent volunteers like myself , paid a minimal of only $8. I was supposed to fast 8 hours before hand , and so, this morning i went for the check up, at the school's Thinker's Lodge .

The nurse checked my height and weight for the BMI . I tink im slightly overweight now, all thanks to the ketupats , lontongs , rendangs and what have yous . I had my blood pressure checked ..... it's a OK. They took 3 small tubes of my blood...... i figured it's to diagnose the cholestrol and diabetes . The results will be send to the school 21 days later . Geez, now im kinda worried .

Apart from that , my tafsir class is resuming back this Friday ..... and my other dhuha classes will resume next week. Seriously, i sooooo in need of these classes (again) ... after Ramadhan is gone, im so slacken. Hubby feels it too...... i tink he misses his teraweeh .

Now, i need to cook macaroni for lunch .......... and oh ! ive been munching and nibbling the cookies and kerepeks , especially the pineapple tarts .! My bad , how to loose weight like that ......... my gear is soooo mendak ....... gotta push my heavy-lazy-self to start going to the gym and do my brisk walk again !

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