Monday, September 28, 2009

Im really happy to meet up with cousins , aunties and other extended relatives during this Eid season.

Saturday, was spent going around visiting my mom side of the family . By only the fourth house (out of the 8 or izzit 9? ) , im all soooo full and bloated. Drank too much gassy drinks and ate tooooooooo much. Almost every houses there's food served..i figured, i gain 2 -3kg on that day alone ! OK, sooo i couldnt resist , the food is tooo tempting . I tried with just few pieces of ketupat , a small scoop of sambal goreng , add a piece of ayam masak merah and a small serving of rendang.......i ate and ate ... simply too yummy !!

Sunday, together with my parents , we went to my dad's side of the family. Most of my dad's side are older people........ let's just say 70yo and above. Im not so close to my dad's side , but i make a point to visit them , on every Eid . The second house, a 70yo uncle , a survivor...went thru many major ops , having cancerious tumor in his liver + other illness . He showed us the stitches on his tummy and the still plastered area around the left side of his pancreas (hope i get tis right) . His wife is his sole motivator ... he claimed.
The last house we went , left an impact for my hubby and myself. It was an eyeopener ........ more on touching the heart. This aunt and uncle , 77 yo and 87 yo respectively , live on their own ... and when we talked to them , it really shows their spirit of love towards each other and what life is all about. Amazing !

Im almost done with the visiting........ im fasting today and hope to complete by next week.,Insya allah.

So, how's your Eid ? :)


Nor said...

Bcos of *another* psle (again!) this yr, we had to prioritise our visitings to org 'kuat2' ajer. Alhamdulillah dah cover all except 2.

This weekend kena "grounded" at home, following week dah psle *gasp*
Doakan for Dini ye? :)

I tried to start puasa last thursday & I failed! I tak sahur properly so pukul 11 dah tak tahan. Sungguh tak cool! LOL!!

2nd attempt today, insyaAllah :)
must remind myself not to hegeh2

nor said...


i tot i saw myself commenting..hahah

Insya allah, Dini will definitely do well.

Last week i failed to puasa too..very lemau hahaa

so true, tis wk must puasa, takley lengkangkangkong.