Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kampung Siglap Mosque is the mosque for our taraweeh this year , and its been our nightly trip , since it's the school holidays.

Last nite, as usual, my family and i were there, and after the isyak prayer, the Imam announced to the jemaah, that the mosque is having a special invited Qari fm Mesir who will be reciting a certain versus of the Quran ( i couldnt remember which verse) , before we start our taraweeh.

All the jemaah were silent. I got myself a piece of tissue paper , cos, i know im gonna teared. Teared i did. It was sooo beautifully recited and just pierced thru my heart. I couldnt help it.
I knew most of the ladies jemaah cried too..not sure abt the men thou.

Alhamdulillah, when few days back the ladies' prayer hall was filled with less jemaah , i could now see , many are are coming back . Later, I saw a family brought pillows for their kids...probably preparing or staying on for Qiamullai .

I was at Geylang yesterday afnn, there's lots of things to see actually , but time was not on my side . I managed to get few stuff ...then, I went to the chicken rice stall and ordered two packets for the kids iftar...not so surprising thou, i saw what im sad to see and say it here..(some of u may know what i mean) .

May Allah guide us to the right path, insya allah. ameen.

Ramadhan is nearing to an end....what have i done so far ?
I dont think i have done enough. :(


Anonymous said...

Ba'alwie has been The mosque for me since before I get married and has been bringing my husband and now my kids for nightly taraweeh. I could feel the soul of Ramadan when I'm there, hard to explain really. Nightly for the past few nights Qaris from Mesir will recite verses from the Quraan..beautiful..beautiful..beautiful. I dread end of Ramadan cos I will have to wait for another year for the taraweeh there...

nor said...


i have to agree w you, really dunno how to explain those feelings.