Monday, January 18, 2010

Some snapshots of FaithHub event at the Sultan Mosque , last Saturday.
It was our first public event and it was a success ! Alhamdulillah.

The Sultan Mosque

The ladies


some of the audiences

Ustz Haron Akhtar

Ustz Mokhtar Stork

Ustz Mokhtar w Bro Mohsen

Ustz Haron w Bro Mohsen

Engrossed .

We received many good and encouraging feedback from the audiences thru the evaluations forms.
As Talks in English are very few here, these people are longing for more of such events.

Insya allah..FaithHub will be planning for the next one.


kakchik said...

Congratulations Nor to you and the organizer. It must be really fun at such event. I love the ladies in their abayaat and sweet smiles.

NoR said...


Thanks. It was and effort put up by everyone involved.. really satisfying. :)