Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I havent write anything here yet..since 2010 !

It's the 5th day of January already.

So many incident happend the past weeks/days, some are just the norm, some were simply bizarre.

An update on my hubby's grandma...she's still "surviving" her very critical-in- danger-zone condition. Some people in the family predicted she'll "go" before the New year comes..but nooooo , an ambulance took her on X'mas day and till date, she's lying at the hospital bed.

On the night of the New Year , my mom in law and younger SiL , met an accident..on their way home from the hospital. My MiL suffered from shocked and chestpain due to the impact and my younger SiL had minor bruises on her arms. Fortunately,nothing really serious happened to them. However, the car booth/rear was badly dented...

Few other things has been happening , but i shall write abt it the next time.


kakchik said...

Assalamualaikum nor. MashaAllah... looks like you were being tested so early this year. I can only pray for the health of everyone involve. And hopefully you'll be okay and stay strong for whatever will happen next.

NoR said...


M'salaam to u,

thanks fr yr prayers, everything is quite alrite now :)