Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My good friend, Syl and her family went back to her hometown in Jakarta ,during the
school holiday last December. It's to celebrate Idul Adha to be exact.

They stayed at Syl's aunt's house and so much of siratulrahim were build during their stay .

About a week later, Syl ,who was already back here in Singapore received a shocking news. Her aunt's son, a young guy, aged abt 30yo, suddenly collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital. They found out that he had leukemia! To make the matter worse, the young guy's mom..that is Syl's aunt, is actually a doctor herself and she knew nothing abt her son's condition.

The son's condition began to deteriorate and had to be put on a support system. When things like this happend, the family members would be in dilemma. To plug or to unplugged.

Days went by and the young guy time was up...he has to meet his Creator.
His wealth, his family, his friends ...... everything, was left behind.


Some people (like my sis in law) taught that death is the most depressing topic to talk abt...but i beg to differ. These are but signs that remind us that it can happen to anyone at anytime and with that we should thank Allah s.w.t. for giving us another day / year in our lives.


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marzie said...

Surely we were looking forward inventing something like death if it was not created by God.
Death is a precious gift when we are not capable to foresee its time. That is the greatest teacher of human kind and its most important lesson is how to live and embosom per second.