Friday, January 8, 2010

So far, so good and im so in love with my mornings.

After the kids and hubby has gone to school and to work,
the morning is just for me and myself alone.

Some days, i have my classes to attend.
I have piles of housework that needs to be done..
But then, i realised, i began to make time for dhuha prayers and also
able to read few pages of the Quran.

I felt so relieved n calming after that, and the housechores continued.

This isnt my goal,plan or anything, but i thot this is simple and yet meaningful duties that i have to keep. Insya allah.

I was thinking of doing brisk walking in the evening y'day,when the kids go for thier tuition class. I was almost ready with my track suits and shoes, when it started to drizzle. So my spirit was somewat dampened.
I thot this morning, i could do it , but i was too lazy.
I landed my butt here, and typing these.
Anyhoot, reminder to myself, it starts and ends in the mind. :P

Alrite, i have to take one little step at a time,in order to make changes.
If im gonna take 50 changes in a short period of time, i shall not be able to make it. Ive to pace myself.

Im just sharing here..nothing of other sort.
Im trying to look at the bright side of things and if i dont succeed,i have to
reasses myself.

Changes do take time ! :)


Aishah said...

When you dont succees, it does not mean that you have failed. I believe that there is always the right time for everything, just keep the faith and everything will fall in place. Cheers!

Aishah said...

Hehehe, I mean succeed, finger too fast lah.

NoR said...


u are right.
failures can be the beginning of success :P