Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loong holidays due to the Chinese New Year ? Well, not so of a holidays, actually.

My mom was warded in the hospital since last Friday.
I fetched her to the A&E on Friday morning, and after all the
checked up and stuff....doc needed her to be admitted.

I was at the hospital the whole of Friday, talking to the doctors, settle few other matters ... and stayed with mom, till at nite.
Fortunately, my sis was not working on that day, so hubby fetched her to come by our place, cos, my kids were coming back from school in the afnn.

My mom needed to do minor surgery to removed the uric acid (due to gout) and pus on the effected area (her ankle). She was a little anaemic at that time , so doc needed to do some blood transfusion...during or after the surgery.

My dad , my siblings and my kids came to visit later. WE managed to see mom being
wheeled for her surgery. WE decided to go for quick bite and then came back again to the ward.

After the surgery, mom looked a little weak ..but at least what needed to be done has been done.

Ive been going to and fro ,to the hospital almost every day at every visiting hours.

Mom is getting much better now and i hope she's able to be discharged today, eventhou, doc mentioned she'll be discharged on Wednesday.

Im going to the hospital again , later....but first, i have to cook some simple dish for the family, cos, we've been eating out the past few days..that is not good. I'd probably packed some food and send to my dad .

Im very tired , but i gotta do what i gotta do.


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Aishah said...

InsyaAllah, your mom will get well soon. Pls take care!