Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wearing hijab with non muslim families around you, can be quite challenging.

Their thoughts, why suddenly all covered up and become "fanatic".

I can somehow swallowed all that...cos, i anticipated such remarks will be thrown at me,due to my current way of dressings.

My in laws are slooooowly trying to accept the fact that im "conservatively covered".

Last Sunday, i was at Pasir Ris Park with the families to celebrate the twins, Viknesh & Vaheshnavi's 14th birthday. It was just a mini gathering... just us.
Then came a couple of relatives or extended families i would say.

She has never seen me in a "conservative" attire before. As expected, she passed a very sarcastic remarks and then she said ,
"Oh! i really couldnt recognise you at all!".

All i did was smile....hey! its sunnah after all. :)

Seriously, i wonder when we are hijabified do our face looks like alien or somthing ?!

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Nikki said...

lol, honestly, people not recognizing me while I have on hijab is so odd to me. They recognize me if I wear a hat, or a new hairstyle....why does a scarf come as such a shock???

I'm glad we can share stories like this on our blogs. :)