Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Saturday we witnessed DEATH of a child - this was a 2 & half year old boy named Mahadi. Little Mahadi was in coma when he was brought in on a specially chartered flight from Jakarta to Singapore. It seemed that doctors in Jakarta gave a "No Hope" case. He was down with meninggitis.

Mahadi's parents come from a wealthy family..Naturally they wanted to provide him with the BEST help possible to ensure his they brought him to Singapore........with his life was on the machine ("brain dead" situation). Mahadi was blessed as he came with his "entourage" of family" - 2 grandmas, aunties, uncles etc......they checked into service apartments near Shangri La.

The doctors here also confirmed his was "NO Hope" case...gave a choice to Mahadi's parents - to pull out the plug in Singapore or Jakarta. The parents were divided..........although they could seek the advice from a number of competent religious experts....they felt more comfortable with their own religious finally they decided to "fly in" their Ustaz from Jakarta. The Ustaz arrived & gave his opinion together with the experts' opinion (the doctors').

Finally Mahadi was hooked off from the machine.....after about few minutes, he passed away...........Dear frends, imagine yourself witnessing this scene from Childrens' ICU parents...most of us will have difficulty accepting the idea of our children passing on before us...what more witnessing it.....Mahadi was lying in a crib, still clad with pampers....& not too long ago, his mom was carrying him for 9 months......everyone who witnessed this scene did not leave an eye dry..........Alhamdulillah, with the grace of Allah, we were standing outside the ICU & there was this mirror that helped us witnessed what was happening in the ward.... Masya Allah.... its hard to fight back the tears.................he looked like he was sleeping peacefully.....the Ustaz was reading doas & many times his voice "choked" with emotions......Mahadi's mom was gently kissing & tenderly touching his body.....Mahadi's father was burying his face with his hands.....his body shooked with sadness ...........

May Allah give his parents the strength to face this loss of their only son (they have 1 other child, a daughter about 4+ yrs)...& May Allah reward his parents & replace this musibah with something better...Amiin.

Alhamdulilah, all arrangements to send the body back & subsequently the funeral the next day in Jakarta went on smoothly........May Allah have mercy on his soul......Amiin.



Ummi's BLOG said...

sis....sedihnyer...2 years is the age of my son...i cannot imagine being in such a situation....
: (

For his parents..may Allah grant them patience and they should take comfort that their son will grant them intercession in al-akhira.

nor said...

salaam Ummi,

my sentiment exactly :(

MudPie said...

I just read this.
I was there when my sister was about to give birth to her child and the day of delivery he died.
I remember carrying his little stillborn body until this day. Even though it was not necessary to, I was asked to azankan in his ear ... sob sob
It is not easy, even though we know that he was a special gift from God to his parents, as he will shafa'at for them on Hari Kiamat. Not easy at all.
My sister still has dreams of him occassionally, only he grows up like a normal child in the dreams.... He is 4 years old now in her dreams. She had another child later, and in her dreams, he is playing with his little sister.
Some things we can never explain.